September offer

Mort Subite 750Ft/2,5dl
Sambuca 600Ft/2cl
Jägermeister SCHARF 650Ft/2cl
Fekete bárány (magyar gin) 800Ft/2cl
Premium rumok:
Plantation Pineapple 700Ft/2cl
Deadhead 900Ft/2cl
Crispy fried trout with grilled vegetables, potatoes and butter with herbs G 4.490 Ft
Crispy fried chicken strips with Corn Flakes, lemon fresh salad A C J 4.190 Ft
Gnocchi with pesto sauce, grilled homemade cheese A C G 4.190 Ft
Beefsteak 200 gr, potatoes, grill vegetables, pepper sauce, butter with herbs, baconchips A G J L 8.490 Ft
Homemade dumplings „Somló” style A C G H 1.890 Ft
Pancake with Nutella 2 pcs A C G E 1.390 Ft


A Gluten
B Crustaceans
C Eggs
D Fish
E Peanuts
F Soybeans
G Milk
H Nuts
I Celery
J Mustard
K Sesame seeds
L Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
M Lupin
O Molluscs


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